23 December 2010

Guilt: My Favorite Flavor

I used to work part-time at a storage company around Atlanta. I was working there one day, which just so happened to be my birthday, and we were unusually busy right at closing time. I had a lady that was very upset that other people were in front of her, and when it was finally her turn, she let me know that she was also upset that we were out of the boxes she wanted. Or I should say we didn't have the quantity that she wanted.

This was how our moment played out:

Lady: Why don't you have anymore of these boxes?
Me: I don't know. We are opening several new loactions, so perhaps they were taken there until we can order some new ones. I'll take from these and add to yours so that it works itself out to the same thing.
Lady: Just void the payment and I'll go somewhere else! I've been standing here for an hour for what? FOR NOTHING!
Me: Those people were here first. I couldn't tell them to hold on while I helped you, that would have been rude.
Lady: Well you're being rude right now by not having what I paid for!
Me: I have no control over that. You're not being very nice to me. It isn't my fault, and I'm trying to fix the problem for you.
Lady: I'M being mean?! Who the fuck do you--
Me: It's my birthday.
Lady: What does that have to do with anything?!
Me: It's my birthday, it's Saturday, I'm working, and you're yelling at me for something I had know way of controlling. It's kind of depressing.
Lady: Prove it's your birthday.
Me: See? (I showed her my license)
Lady: This isn't real. It says it expires in 2048!
Me: Georgia doesn't require anyone that has been in the military to renew their license until they turn 65. Don't have to pay for it either.
Lady: So it's your birthday and you served in the Armed Forces.
Me: Yes ma'am.
Lady: I'm sorry. I feel like such a bitch.
Me: It's okay. Happens to all of us from time to time.

She bought the boxes and didn't complain anymore.